First Night Box

This box should be packed with essentials that you will need for that first day/night in your new home. If you are using movers make sure you label this box and take it with you in your vehicle. Keep in mind that you should always carry valuables, jewellery and important paperwork with you. Here are a few things for you to pack:

• Basic tools- hammer, multi tip screw driver, scissors, etc

• Bed linens for each bed

• Change of clothes for each family member (maybe even a few for smaller children)

• If needed baby supplies- wipes, bottles, formula, diapers and extra pacifiers

• Cleaning supplies- don’t forget dishwasher soap!

• Disposable plates, glasses and cutlery

• Flashlights/nightlights for little ones

• Assortment of lightbulbs

• Any medicine or medication that may be needed

• First aid kit

• Napkins/ Paper towels

• Non-perishable snacks/ bottles water

• Pet food/ dishes

• Toiletries

• Shower curtain

• Towels/face cloths

• Toys for children and pets

• Trash bags/local recycling information

• Cell phone, IPad, computer charger

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