Moving Day Tips

2 Months Before

  • Sort through your things to see what you don’t want or need. You could either have a yard sale, list them online or contact a local charity that does home pick ups and donate them.
  • Inventory and record serial numbers of your valuables that you are moving for insurance purposes
  • Choose a reputable moving company


6 Weeks Before

  • If moving out of town make any travel arrangements
  • Notify your children’s daycare or school of the move and get a copy of their school records
  • Locate their new school and find out about enrollment and possible school tour/meet the teacher that you can do
  • Contact your doctor to get copies of family medical records, or have them send to your new doctor
  • Contact your vet to get copies of any pet medical records and any medication they may need on the way
  • Notify your insurance company regarding when to cancel your old home insurance and when to start your new home insurance
  • Pre-order new cheques with your new address


1 Month Before

  • Research cable, internet and phone providers for the new area and set up appointments to have the services connected
  • Contact your current providers on when to disconnect your old services
  • Start packing boxes if you are doing it yourself
  • Fill out change of address forms at the post office with an effective date
  • Start to make a list of mail that you receive that will need to be notified of address changes
  • Start to compile all of your important papers and documents such as loan papers, passports and medical files, and pack them in a box that will go with you.
  • Contact and get quotes for a move out cleaning company or start if you plan to do it yourself

1 Week Before

  • If moving to a different province find out the guidelines and timeframes for changing over to your new healthcare, drivers licence and registration information
  • If using movers arrange for their deposit
  • Make sure the moving company has the correct delivery date and address. Also make sure they have any and all contact information for you.
  • Have some cash on hand for unexpected emergencies
  • Notify magazines, creditors, friends, credit cards, banks, municipal offices and any other company of address changes.
  • Cancel any newspaper subscriptions
  • Notify old employers of address changes to get any future tax papers
  • If you have pets that are travelling by air make sure to contact the airline for any important information or equipment your pet needs to be able to fly
  • Call a locksmith to set up an appointment to get the locks on your new home changed on moving day
  • Back up all of your old computers
  • Take a family photo in your old home
  • Have any going away parties to be able to say your good byes
  • Pack any boxes or suitcases that you plan to take yourself
  • Start to clean out your fridge and any appliances that may be staying
  • If you are hiring a cleaning company for a move out clean contact them to confirm


Moving Day!!!

  • Pack and label your “first night box”. Make sure to notify movers not to take that box
  • Be available to the mover if they have any questions and accompany them as they do their initial walk through
  • Confirm the address and contact number they have for you are correct and keep your copy of the bill of lading with you in a safe place. Such as the box that you compiled with important papers the month before that will be coming with you.
  • It is not necessary but you could write a note to the new owners with information such as garbage pick up days, mailbox location and number if it is a community mailbox and any other important information you can think of.
  • Take a last look around after the movers have finished to make sure they packed everything
  • Just before you go make sure to turn off the lights, lock the windows and say your final good byes.

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